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Cats Brush Corner with Catnip

Cats Brush Corner with Catnip

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Key Features:

  1. Size: 139cm/5.123.54"
  2. Color Options: Choose from Gray, Blue, or Pink to suit your cat's preferences.
  3. Pet Products for Cats: An essential grooming tool for a happy and healthy cat.
  4. Cats Brush: Features a corner brush design, ensuring thorough grooming and massaging.
  5. Cat Massage Comb: Provides a relaxing massage while removing loose fur and promoting a shiny coat.
  6. Cat Accessories: A must-have in your collection of cat grooming tools and goods.
  7. Comb for Cats: Keep your feline friend looking sleek and well-groomed with this cat comb.
  8. Cat Grooming Tools: Invest in quality products for your cat's grooming needs.
  9. Goods for Cats: Enhance your cat's comfort and well-being with the right accessories.
  10. Corner Brush: Perfect for reaching those hard-to-brush areas, keeping your cat looking and feeling great.

Package Includes: 1 X Pet Comb

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