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Customized ID Collar with Bell for Cats

Customized ID Collar with Bell for Cats

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Key Features:

  1. Free Engraving: Personalize your cat's collar with engraved information, ensuring their safety in case they wander. Leave a message during the order for custom text (Name + Phone number).

  2. High-Quality Nylon: The collar is made from soft and comfortable high-quality nylon, ensuring a pleasant wearing experience for your cat.

  3. Crisp Bell Sound: Enjoy the crisp and loud sound of the bell, allowing you to locate your cat easily and adding a touch of charm.

  4. Cat Face Safety Buckle: The safety buckle with a cat face design prevents accidents and ensures your cat's security during wear.

  5. Easy On and Off: Designed for convenience, the collar is easy to put on and take off, making it hassle-free for both you and your cat.


  • Adjustable Size: 7.6-11.6 inches (19.5-29.5 cm)
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