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Cat Self-Grooming Toy Brush with Catnip

Cat Self-Grooming Toy Brush with Catnip

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Key Features:

  1. Cats' Favorite Combs: Mimicking the cat's lifestyle, this self-grooming toy serves as the perfect rubbing object, providing your cat with utmost comfort.

  2. Vibrant Colors: Available in an array of colors—Blue, Gray, Black, Green, Red, Orange, and Light Blue—adding a touch of vibrancy to your cat's space.

  3. Size Options:

    • Normal Style: 8.5cm*13cm
    • New Long Style: 8.5cm*15.4cm
  4. Easy Installation: Fits seamlessly into wall corners, table legs, and cabinet corners. Mount it effortlessly on flat surfaces or corners using double-sided stickers or screws.

Type: Cats

Material: Plastic

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