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Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Shovel

Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Shovel

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Cat Litter Scoop with Refill Bags - Large Capacity Scooper Holder - Portable Litter Shovel - Self-Cleaning Cat Supplies

**Product Name:** Cat Litter Shovel
**Material:** ABS
**Size:** 12*16*29 cm


1. Convenient and time-saving cleaning with included trash can.
2. Large capacity for holding an ample amount of cat litter.
3. Bottom designed for easy placement and removal of litter bags.
4. Durable, high-quality plastic for easy cleaning.
5. Efficient cat litter filtering to prevent waste.
6. Easy to use and operate with a handle.

**Package Included:**

- 1 * Cat Litter Shovel
- 1 * Cat Litter Shovel + 2 rolls of garbage bags
- 10 rolls of garbage bags

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