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Rabbit Ear Smart Cat Toy Ball

Rabbit Ear Smart Cat Toy Ball

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Product Features:

  1. Electric Cat Toy Excitement: This innovative cat toy moves like a car with LED lights, providing a dynamic and engaging play experience for your cat. With various running trajectories, shaking, rolling, and even lifelike bird sounds (can be turned off manually), it stimulates your cat's natural instincts of hunting, chasing, and pouncing.

  2. Smart Interactive Design: The robot cat toy offers three motion modes – fast running with blue light, slow running with purple light, and interactive mode with yellow light. It adapts to different cat preferences and is suitable for various floor types, including tile, marble, wooden floors, carpet, and wool carpet.

  3. Automatic Playtime: The toy operates for 5 minutes and then automatically stops for 1 hour. If touched during this time, it restarts for another 5 minutes. If left untouched, it automatically starts for 30 seconds, entering standby mode. This thoughtful design ensures your cat's playtime is both engaging and safe.

  4. USB Rechargeable: Say goodbye to constantly changing batteries. The cat toy features a built-in rechargeable battery, and with a simple charge using the included type-C cable (power adaptor not included), you can enjoy uninterrupted playtime. A full charge takes only 2 hours and provides 2-4 hours of play (depending on different sports modes).

  5. Plush Cover Bonus: The smart teasing cat toy comes with rich and replaceable attachments, and it's DIY-friendly. Keep your cat engaged by switching up the attachments and provide a fresh experience every time. With the included screwdriver, disassembling the toy is a breeze, preventing hair jams and ensuring cleanliness.

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