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Interactive Electric Catnip Ball

Interactive Electric Catnip Ball

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  • Introducing our Smart Cat Toys Interactive Electric Catnip Ball, a Squeak Toy for playful cats and kittens.
  • Made of Wool, this non-smart device features a touch-sensitive function in vibrant Green, Pink, and Yellow colors.
  • Crafted with Fleece and EVA materials, the Plush Electric Catnip Cat Toy Ball emits realistic sounds—frog, cricket, and bird—to entertain your feline friend.
  • The smart trigger faucet responds to your cat's touch, enhancing engagement and reducing boredom.
  • Add catnip for an extra layer of excitement, encouraging exercise and mental stimulation.
  • Each ball comes with a built-in LR44 lithium battery, providing over 10,000 chirps for lasting fun.
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