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Interactive UFO Cat Teaser

Interactive UFO Cat Teaser

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Enhance your cat's playtime with our Intelligent Feather Automatic Cat Teasing Toy. Crafted from durable plastic, this smart teaser provides endless amusement for your feline friend.


  1. Vibration Activation: Engage intelligent mode to entertain your cat by triggering paw vibrations, unleashing their energy during dull moments.

  2. Smart Color Reminder: Orange for Normal mode, Blue for Intelligent mode, Purple for Feather Replacement.

  3. Feather Play: Random feather movement satisfies your cat's hunting instincts, adding a fun element to playtime.

  4. Random Movement: Teaser turns automatically when faced with obstacles, ensuring it doesn't get stuck in corners.

  5. Replaceable Feather: Soft and safe makaron natural turkey feather, easily replaceable for continuous enjoyment.

  6. Automatic Felt: Equipped with a cleaning circle, it teases the cat while automatically removing hair from the ground.

  7. Battery Life:

    • Smart mode: Intermittent play for about one day.
    • Non-stop play (feathers out): Approximately 4 hours.
    • Non-stop play (feathers out and running): About 2 hours.
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