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Large Pet Stamp Pad

Large Pet Stamp Pad

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DCPET's Baby Hand & Footprint Makers are perfect for recording precious moments. The high-tech, anti-cross, disposable pad ensures a clean and easy process.


  • Ideal for commemorating children's growth.
  • High-tech, disposable pad for mess-free prints.
  • Baby hands remain ink-free for clear footprints and no security risks.
  • Pollution-free, with a special process for clear, real, and long-term preservation.
  • Effective prevention of lead and chemical stimuli for your baby's safety.

Product Details:

  • Item: Baby Hand & Footprint Makers
  • Size: Varies (0-6 months baby)
  • Material: Stamp-pad ink
  • Color: 6 Options
  • Quantity: 1 printing oil + 2 sheets of paper
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