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Reusable Self Cleaning Pet Hair Lint Removing Roller Brush

Reusable Self Cleaning Pet Hair Lint Removing Roller Brush

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This roller brush is a handy and easy way to clean pet hair from clothes, furniture, and car seats. With featuring a self-cleaning function, the brush’s bristles rotate to collect and remove hair from itself, so it’s always ready to go! Just twist the brush vigorously on any fabric, gliding the brush along the surface to pick up hair and debris.

The upgraded hair remover brush applies to pet fur, fluff, fuzz, lint, and human hair—an effective brush to keep your clothes fresh and clean.

Easy-to-Use: This brush has a silicone roller head that pet hair and removes lint and pet hair from clothing (belts, coats, jackets, dresses, etc.). The roller brush is perfect for removing pet hair from any clothing. The brush rolls over clothing and picks up hair and lint. The bin collects hair and lint as it brushes.

Reusable: The roller brush doesn’t produce waste, rather a roll of sticky paper that you throw out afterward and have to buy refills for it.

Comfortable: The handle is very comfortable to hold.

Self-Cleaning: The electrostatic roller brush is designed to clean itself; when the room is full, you don’t even need to clean the dirty parts. Just empty it by pressing the button.

Ultra-Portable Roller Brush: A great travel companion keeps your clothes fresh and clean wherever you go. This brush is designed to be small and ultra-handy and can quickly and efficiently remove fur mess from every inch of your clothes. Just wipe it gently on the fabric surface, and the fur will get picked up by the brush instantly.


Material: ABS

Color: White; Pink; Blue; Green

Size: 4.3 x 4.3 x 18.3cm (Approx.)

Package Includes:

1 x Lint Removing Roller Brush

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