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Rotatable Cat Massage Interactive Windmill Toy

Rotatable Cat Massage Interactive Windmill Toy

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The cat toys for indoor cats interactive can be absorbed tightly on clean, smooth flat surfaces like wall, floor, door, glass, window, refrigerator, add water can increase suction. After this special design, the fun cat toys will not slip off. There is a transparent box on each side of the cool cat toy. To attract your cat, you can place catnip balls, led balls, or cat food.

Interactive Cat Toy: When the Spinning Cat Toy is gently touched, it will rotate freely and the LED ball will flash, attracting your cat to play. Such funny kitten toys for cat exercise and can reduce anxiety and increase IQ.

Safety Soft Durable TPR Material: The catnip toys are made of natural soft TPR material, safe and eco-friendly. The cute cat toys are perfect for biting, chewing, and playing.

Multi-functional Best Cat Toys: These cats chew toys can massage cats’ faces and hair and assist cats in tickling; favorite toothpaste or food can be added to the soft granules, cats will bite them to clean their teeth deeply by themselves.

Material: Latex
Size: 158mm x 70mm

Package Included:
1x Rotatable Cat Massage Interactive Windmill Toy

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