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Washable Cozy Soft Pet House

Washable Cozy Soft Pet House

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Constructed of soft material, this tent bed gives pets a cozy place to snuggle up in. The soft cushion is placed inside the bed. Well-made cat tents stay stable on floors and won’t collapse on themselves. Your cat or dog is going to love it!

  • With around entrance and cave-like design, 2-in-1 enclosed pet tent bed functions, this keeps them feel safe and sheltered.
  • A plush ball can put a cat back to sleep, as it is a fun toy that can burn the cat’s energy.
  • Keep the smell of a clean home! With our cat bed, smell and dandruff are now a problem of the past! And provide your cat with a good sleep experience.
  • The soft cushion is located inside the bed and can be removed for easy maintenance. The well-made cat tent can stay stable on the floor without collapsing on its own
  • The non-slip bottom can hold the cat bed in place, so it can be safely placed on the tile and hardwood floor of the house.

Material: 100% Cotton

Package Included:

1x Washable Cozy Soft Pet House

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